Find out where drones are flying in you're area or worldwide. Notify other Drone operators and most important Air-traffic, where you are flying. Promote safety and awareness!

Great Features

+Drone for iOS and Android has alot of useful features, here is a list of the most important ones.

Find Drones Flying

On our map you can easily view all registered drones flying in your area and safely avoid those, login is not required to view the map.

Flying Your Drone

Show others where, how high and how far you are flying. With this information you can fly safely and others can avoid disturbing you.

Useful Pilot Features

We have implemented four major features to make your flight safer, Weather Forecast, Solar info, NOTAM and No Fly-Zones.

Drone Info

Enter useful drone info like model-name, altitude, range, fixed wing drone or rotor drone with number of rotors.

Private or Professional

Show your option, are you flying privately or are you a company with a mission to film, do surveillance, inspections or others?

More features

We are developing more features! Satellite info, drone tracking with GPS, logs and more coming soon!


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Our Team!

Founder and CEO


William Boman

Chief Technology Officer

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Leon Eriksen

CDO and Main Developer

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Zois Avgerinos


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Tommy Drågen

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